[12th Anniversary] True Heart Shines in Pandemic - Transportation Department 疫情見真情

To celebrate the 12th anniversary of CCACC - ADHC, staff from different departments shared their most impressive and touching stories in the past 12 years. (ENG & CHN)

为庆祝欢乐日间保健中心成立12周年,欢乐各部门员工回忆这12年里的点点滴滴,记录下他们印象中最深刻的感人故事,特在这里与大家分享。 (中英文)

Transportation Department

During the pandemic, also from the middle of March, CCACC - ADHC began to provide the meal delivery service, including breakfast and lunch, to the elders every day, 7 days a week.

Our goals are:

1. Meals must be warm;

2. Food must be delivered to the person;

3. All the medicine must be delivered to the seniors or their family, and drivers have to sign it;

4. Must follow up to make sure our seniors’ safety every day.

For the recent 7 months, I have been cooperating with other staff from the Floor Department and we have been in charge to deliver food to our seniors who live in Heritage House located on 95 Dawson Ave. In our everyday service, we found a couple who need help. They cannot participate in adult daycare centers due to many reasons. We reported this case to our center, and told them to contact CCACC. Afterward, CCACC - ADHC helped them and delivered three meals a week to them. They are Mr. Su and Mrs. Zhang. They told us that they never heard of CCACC before. Although they cannot join ADHC, they are applying for CCACC Everygreen Club which is also one of the programs in CCACC. Every time when I deliver food to them, they told me that they don’t feel lonely or helpless anymore.

Although our transportation department is in the front line of the pandemic, we just want to make sure our job gets done well rather than trying to be a hero. We get full support from our director, team leaders, and supervisors. Every time when I deliver food and see our seniors smiling, I am proud of my job and feel happy about being a staff of CCACC - ADHC.





1. 飯菜必須是熱的;

2. 食物必須送到老人手上;

3. 所有老人的藥必須送到老人或家人的手上,同時駕駛員必須簽名;

4. 必須不離不棄,每天確保老人的安全。

我在這次疫情期間,和大堂員工合作,專門負責送95 Danson Ave公寓內歡樂中心老人的早餐和午餐。在每天的送餐過程中,發現有一對夫婦,由於各種原因,他們不能去老人中心。我們發現後,立刻報告給中心,並讓他們聯系歡樂中心,我們歡樂中心決定為他們一周送三次午餐。兩位老人對我們說,之前從來不知道大華府有美京華人活動中心,雖然沒法加入歡樂日間保健中心,但常青社也是美京華人活動中心的一部分。目前,他們正在辦理常青社的會員。每次拿到午餐,兩位老人都會對我們說:“我們倆不再感到孤獨和無助了。”


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