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About Us

Caring for Our Most Vulnerable

At CCACC Adult Day Healthcare Center, we strive to provide a safe and caring environment for the elderly in the community, many of whom are Chinese Americans. 


We are a non-profit organization that focuses on providing culturally appropriate and health-focused activities to our members. Our staff are experienced, bilingual professionals who are committed to helping our members and their families adjust to their new life.


Our focus is on helping seniors maintain their independence and improve their quality of life while providing a safe and supportive environment.

We understand the importance of having a place to go and feel accepted, which is why we offer a variety of activities to ensure that our members are engaged and have a sense of belonging. 


Our primary goal is to support our members in achieving long-lasting health and independence in the community.

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What We Value?

The participant is always recognized and respected.

The participant's relationships with their family and community should be supported and maintained.

The needs of the participant must be fulfilled, whether those needs are for health care, social services, or emotional support.

Human dignity must be preserved above all while striving to help each participant to obtain his/her optimal state of living.


Meet The Staff

Caregivers & Friends

Photo of Lewi, Rita
Rita Lewi

CCACC Executive Director

Photo of Ned Li
Ned Li

CCACC - ADHC Director

Grace Hsuan

Supervisor of Nursing Department

Grace graduated from Liberty University in 1992 with a BSN. She has been an RN for 20+ years and has worked in various settings from hospitals to home care.

Working at CCACC-ADHC has given her the perfect opportunity to apply her passion for geriatric nursing and her special skill set every day. 

At CCACC-ADHC, Grace is the director of the nursing department and ensures that the elderly in our center is in the best care.

Anna Hu

Supervisor of Admission & QA Department

As a Chinese American from Taiwan, Anna graduated from National Taiwan Normal University with a bachelor’s degree in Educational Psychology and a master’s degree in Consulting Psychology and Counseling, and a Master’s and Doctor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in the United States.


Worked as a psychotherapist in the United States for 4 years and provided daycare service since 1999, she feels that she can contribute to the Chinese elders. Over the past 19 years, she has served daycare centers in different states, with different roles as chief executive, director, social worker, activity group leader, and internship director.

Jia Yu

Supervisor of Transportation Department

Jia has been working for CCACC-ADHC for more than 10 years. She is responsible for meeting seniors’ transportation needs, including food delivery, medical appointments, medicine delivery, grocery shopping, field trips, and so on.

The transportation department is also in charge of purchasing items for the whole center and cooperates with other departments in daily work.

Her team tries its best to optimize the arrangement of drivers, vehicles, and routes to reduce the waiting time for seniors as much as possible.

Christina Luo

Supervisor of Health Support Department

Christina joined CCACC-ADHC in 2009, with CAN/GNA/CMT and pharmacy technician certificates, and Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid training coach certificates.

Her department is responsible for measuring the elderly's vital signs every day, assisting the seniors to make medical appointments, distributing the medicine from pharmacies to the seniors, and helping patients take their medicines if they have difficulties taking medicines on their own.

She helps to hold the annual employee training, check the center's safety facilities to meet OSHA standards, take emergency evacuation measures, and cooperate with other departments to provide better services to the elderly.

Jason Chu

Supervisor of Fleet Maintenance Department

Jason is one of the first employees of the center and he started as a driver at the very beginning.


His main work is to ensure that all vehicles of the center can work normally and safely every day, including daily routine inspections, and quick responses to various vehicle emergencies: tires, brake systems, air conditioning systems, engine problems, electrical systems, lifting systems and etc.


The vehicle is just like a human being - it needs care and maintenance to last for a longer time, and it is also safer. Jason works hard to make sure that all the elderly in our center can have a happy, peaceful, and safe day.

Catherine Shine

Supervisor of Activity Department & Personal Care Department

Catherine previously worked in world-class manufacturing companies including the Fortune 500, with a wide range of industries such as optics, fast-moving consumer goods, electronics, home appliances, and chemicals. She has held various positions and worked in sales, finance, and admin departments.


Whenever she sees satisfactory smiles on seniors’ faces, she feels very grateful for the opportunity to work at CCACC-ADHC. Catherine cherishes every day she works in the center and leads her staff to improve our service quality continuously. Bearing the goal of "There is no best, only better" in mind, her team will take every solid step for the center's long-term, stable and sustainable development.

Huaiguo Guan

Supervisor of Nutrition Department

Chef Guan has over 35 years of experience in the culinary field. He has served as a kitchen supervisor in multiple hotels in China, worked as a private chef for government leaders, and even ventured into entrepreneurship by opening his own hotel. Since arriving in the United States in 2014, he has worked as a chef at Seven Seas Restaurant, JDS Shanghai Famous Food, and Bob's Shanghai 66 in Maryland.

In 2021, Chef Guan joined CCACC - ADHC Kitchen team. He upholds the highest standards of quality and meticulously attends to every detail in the preparation process. Leading by example, he fosters a spirit of teamwork in the kitchen, ensuring that the team delivers high-level cuisine daily to the elderly at the center. His efforts contribute to establishing a positive brand image for the center.

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