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Plans & Pricing

Whatever Suits Your Situation

CCACC-ADHC is an approved Medicaid Service Provider by Maryland. If a Medicaid recipient is medically certified OR a resident is under Montgomery County Adult Day Care Subsidy Program (Senior Care or County Fund), all fees will be waived. Self-pay participants are also welcome.

Although we are open to all participants, Medicaid coverage is limited to residents of Maryland. Other state residents may participate without Medicaid assistance.

We understand that not everyone is lucky enough to be able to afford our services, but we believe everyone deserves a chance. Contact us to see if you qualify - we’ll assist you or your loved ones to fit your golden years with your needs and lifestyle.


Medicaid Recipients

Applicants need to file an application, go through the interview which will be conducted by a county nurse, and get approved through InterRAI Assessment.

Our professional staff will assist in the whole process of application.


Senior Care/County Fund Recipients

Check the eligibility requirements​

Once admitted and start receiving their allotted funds, applicants can participate in our program for free twice a week.

Our professional staff will assist in the whole process of application.


Self-pay Participants

Applicants need to provide the TB Test results and the doctor’s advice.


Self-payers will receive the whole spectrum of services as other participants and enjoy a more flexible schedule.

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