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As a Chinese community-based adult day healthcare center, CCACC Adult Day Healthcare Center provides a full spectrum of daily services that help everyone live a life full of dignity, purpose, and respect by providing a caring, protective and safe setting. Our structured comprehensive programs can help seniors to enjoy their healthy and happy lives independently, confidently, and elegantly.

  • Medical & Nursing Care

    Registered nurses (RN) and certified nursing assistants (CNA) who can speak fluent Chinese and English provide detailed medical care following the doctor’s advice of the participant.

    The nursing team with comprehensive professional knowledge makes personalized and detailed healthcare plans based on your specific health conditions and offers free seeing-patients-at-home services and prescription services.

  • Medical Appt. & Medication Instructions

    Our healthcare team corporates with the Transportation Department to arrange medical appointments with professional physicians and labs across MD. We also provide Mandarin & Cantonese translators when visiting physicians.

    Our nurses work with pharmacies to ensure you receiving medication on time and the licensed pharmacist will provide consultation for medication. It’s just one of the things that set our center apart from the rest.

  • Nutritious Meals & Snacks

    Nutritious and delicious meals and snacks in a well-balanced menu style make it possible to choose whatever you want under the premise of keeping healthy and balanced.

    Our dining team will customize food based on your current health conditions, such as less salt, vegetarian, shredded food and etc. Chinese and western style nutritious meals are provided. And our homemade soup and porridge will make you no longer homesick.

  • Door-to-door Transportation Services

    Perfect door-to-door transportation services are provided every day. Daily road trip from your home to our center is provided and no worries about the last mile - It's our drivers' job to escort you home safely!

    Not only the routine routes but also grocery shopping twice a week, retail shopping every Saturday, and field trips such as Cherry Blossoms and Autumn Leaves Visit.

    The professional fleet maintenance team makes sure the safety of driving all the time.

  • Intelligent Recreational Activities

    You can engage in our activities aimed at healthcare, education, and recreation, including walking, outing, painting, handcrafting, dancing, singing, English learning, Tai Chi, Yoga, Handcrafting, Photography, and so on.

    We have the Belief Fellowship for your spiritual care and Community Engagement to maintain your social relationships.


    We’re passionate about providing opportunities for our members to make new memories and friends while enjoying our services.

  • Social Work Services

    Professional certificated social workers provide the psychological health assessment to examine your social psychology and cognitive function status. One-on-one counseling and group therapy can help diffuse maladaptive emotions and negative energies effectively. 

    Our social workers can help you get the latest news of social benefits and resources. They are also capable of translating and filling out forms to help you apply for needed social benefits.

    We care about your physical and mental health.

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