[12th Anniversary] The Feelings of Love - Personal Care Department 愛的感悟

To celebrate the 12th anniversary of CCACC - ADHC, staff from different departments shared their most impressive and touching stories in the past 12 years. (ENG & CHN)

为庆祝欢乐日间保健中心成立12周年,欢乐各部门员工回忆这12年里的点点滴滴,记录下他们印象中最深刻的感人故事,特在这里与大家分享。 (中英文)

The Feelings of Love

Personal Care Department

How time flies! I have been working in the CCACC - ADHC for two years. In the past two years, my heart has been touched by too many loving moments. I still remember when I first came here, I didn't know anything about the center. Many seniors here helped, encouraged, and supported me with so much patience and understanding. I gradually became familiar with all the staff. Deep in my heart, I am always moved by all the love and warmth I received in the CCACC - AHDC.

I can't understand Cantonese very well, but seniors here are always ready to help me. When there is something that I didn't expect or notice, they always remind me kindly. When they know the employees are too busy, they are always kind to give a hand if they could. Some seniors also give snacks or small gifts to us as a way to show their appreciation of our work.

During the pandemic, many seniors were particularly concerned about our safety. What touches me the most is that one senior has been caring for me for a long time just like my mother, not only providing me with good suggestions at work but also giving me guidance in life. I have learned how to be optimistic, strong, kind, and loving from chatting with her. I deeply feel the warmth and beauty while living in a foreign country by myself from the care and love I received from other people. My heart is touched, and I will always bear the warmth and kindness in mind.

I really love my job in CCACC - ADHC and enjoy talking with the seniors, from whom I learned a lot. I admire their rich life experience and profound knowledge. Their broad minds and peaceful attitudes are worthy of learning. I have benefited a lot from chatting with them and learned how to be patient, caring, and loving to others.

I am particularly grateful that I can work here, that I can feel the warmth and love here, that I can learn and grow here, and that I can comprehend and harvest the understandings here. Because I know how to be grateful, I will cherish the love I received in CCACC - ADHC forever.







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