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[12th Anniversary] COVID-19 Pandemic Brings Out the Warmth of Humanity - Activity Department 病毒無情人有情

To celebrate the 12th anniversary of CCACC - ADHC, staff from different departments shared their most impressive and touching stories in the past 12 years. (ENG & CHN)

为庆祝欢乐日间保健中心成立12周年,欢乐各部门员工回忆这12年里的点点滴滴,记录下他们印象中最深刻的感人故事,特在这里与大家分享。 (中英文)

Activity Department

Governor Hogan ordered the closure of all public schools, bars, restaurants, and gyms starting from March 16th, 2020. Only grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, and other essential services remain open. This move made everyone panicked, especially the seniors as they felt more vulnerable than ever. They are afraid of leaving their homes and worry about their daily basic needs while they are at home. The management team of CCACC - ADHC has decided to close the center before the governor’s order so that they would have a functioning plan after the closure for the well-being of all the seniors and employees.

Without knowing whether the government would keep funding us after the center was closed, we decided to deliver meals to our seniors regardless; at the same time, our center also decided to pay employees according to their working hours, which was appreciated by all the employees and their family members relying on their employment. Our center first started delivering food every other day, and it gradually changed to a daily delivery system so that the seniors could enjoy hot meals every day. This is important for their nutritional health now more than ever and has been continuing for more than half a year.

I admire those of our staff who work in the front lines, and our center wouldn’t have such a good reputation without their dedication. Those front-line staff who return home after a long day of work must be disinfected properly. Seniors are at high risk of contracting viruses, and the front-line staff who serve these high-risk groups have to bear a lot of pressure especially now with PPE requirements. They are always worried that they may have been exposed to the virus at any time, and they must be very cautious all the time. If someone has been suspected of exposure to the coronavirus, they have to be isolated at home for 14 days. Understandably it would be scary and painful to experience all this pressure. Several ADHC staff have had this experience, but luckily, they were all false alarms in the end. After 14 days of quarantine, they all returned to work and continued operation at the front-line positions. It is hard for me to imagine how they lived their lives in these 14 days, but their stories from what they have experienced are very touching.

With the gradual follow-up of disinfection equipment, just a few months ago, the center began to approve more interactions with our seniors, such as opening some of our online activities like DIY, painting, English classes, health lectures, parties, and games. These activities also require the cooperation of front-line employees to deliver materials to seniors' homes so that they can participate in these online activities. Some seniors show tension and depression due to lack of social activities while staying at home for the past few months, but their mood and stability have improved greatly and their negative feelings are relieved after participating in these various activities. Therefore, some seniors and their families called our center to express their praise for our services. These praises are all inseparable from the dedication of front-line employees. Thank you for your dedication!









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