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CCACC Adult Day
Healthcare Center


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Your Golden Home

Gaithersburg, MD

As the only non-profit adult day healthcare center established by the Chinese in Maryland, we’ve been complying with policies and regulations of Maryland and Montgomery County to make it possible for seniors who have illnesses and are eligible for government benefits to be taken care of in the daylight. 

When you choose CCACC Adult Day Healthcare Center, senior living will start feeling a lot like taking an extended vacation. Here, you can sit back and relax knowing that everything you need will be taken care of.


Now that you’re living your golden years, you deserve a golden home!

Our Services

If you are looking for a safe, supportive, and engaging environment to care for your loved ones, we are the perfect choice for you.


We offer a wide range of services, including recreational activities, nutritional meals, and transportation services devoted to providing outstanding care and support.

As the largest adult day healthcare center in the Montgomery County Chinese community, we have been providing quality care to seniors for the past 15 years. Our expertly-trained bilingual staff provide around-the-clock care to ensure individuals stay healthy and active while providing much-needed comfort and companionship.

Medical &

Personal Care


Delivery Services

Door-to-door Transportation Services


Recreational Activities

Nutritious Meals &


Social Work &

Mental Health Services

9:00 AM

Our professional drivers will arrive at your doorstep to provide convenient transportation services. Upon arrival at our center, our dedicated personal assistants will be waiting to greet you and assist you with entering the premises.

* Please note that the example provided is a representation of a typical day at our center. We emphasize a flexible approach, where our members are encouraged to choose activities based on their personal preferences. Members may have different time schedules.

A Typical Day In CCACC

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Not sure if you are qualified?

Health Resources


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Experience the best at CCACC Adult Day Healthcare Center!

Come take a tour to explore our onsite services and amenities. We look forward to making your and your loved one's days brighter.

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