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TPB Grants CCACC $276k to Better Serve Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities

At its November meeting, the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (TPB) at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) approved federal funding for 21 projects that support mobility for seniors and individuals with disabilities across the region. The grants – totaling about $6.6 million – are provided under the Federal Transit Administration’s Enhanced Mobility Program. With the addition of local matching funds, the combined funding for the projects totals about $9 million. Since 2014, 92 projects totaling more than $34 million have been funded.

“As a District resident, I’m glad to see D.C. take advantage of the funding to help seniors and residents with mobility challenges get around. It’s an easy call to me,” said TPB Chair and District of Columbia Councilmember Charles Allen. “As chair of the TPB, we are thrilled to be able to allocate this much-needed assistance, and look forward to seeing how these projects help remove barriers to transportation and opportunity in the region.” The projects include support for travel training programs that encourage independent use of public transportation and technology to improve trip planning. Additionally, eleven projects will acquire a total of 53 wheelchair-accessible vehicles to help transport residents to medical appointments, employment sites, and other activities.

TPB staff will seek Federal Transit Administration approval of the projects and it is anticipated that projects can begin by spring 2022.

At least every two years, the TPB solicits Enhanced Mobility grant applications. A selection committee chaired by TPB member and City of Alexandria Councilmember Canek Aguirre, and comprised of aging, disability, transit, and human services experts, reviewed and recommended projects for TPB approval.

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