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Door-to-door Transportation

Perfect door-to-door transportation services are provided every day. The daily road trip from your home to our center is provided and no worries about the last mile - It's our drivers' job to escort you home safely!

Not only the routine routes but also grocery shopping twice a week, retail shopping every Saturday, and field trips such as Cherry Blossoms and Autumn Leaves Visit.

The professional fleet maintenance team makes sure the safety of driving all the time.


Our buses will pick you up from your house or senior apartment, and drop you off at our Adult Day Healthcare Center (ADHC) in the morning. During your time in the center, we offer different kinds of services, including meals, art and exercise activities, social service, health care treatment, and more.


We provide transportation services for grocery shopping and retail shopping (Chinese markets, Costco, TJMaxx, Ross, Walmart, etc.) three times a week. We also have field trips three or four times yearly to visit cherry blossoms, autumn leaves, and other events, including the National Botanical Garden, and the Bush Garden. etc.


Our program also covers transportation services for your medical appointments to over 200 physicians’ clinics, labs, and hospitals in Montgomery County. We also offer free transportation services to the Social Security office and the embassy for passport and visa services as you request.

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