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14-passenger, high ceiling, wheel-chair-lift equipped, and USDOT regulation complied buses and vans are provided.


Drivers with personal medical cards issued by USDOT certified medical institution are specially
trained for assisting and caring the senior riders.


Professional bus-route dispatching and management personnel and fleet maintenance services.

Translation services are provided.


Corporation from Montgomery County HHS Aging and Disability Services & Montgomery
County Department of Transportation’s Enhanced Mobility and Senior Services.



An affordable, convenient, caring way to meet your medical needs

Do you find it difficult to go to see the doctor? No cars, no public transportation, too expensive for Uber, language barrier...... Too many factors lie between you and your doctor's office. But the pain keeps reminding you the urgency and necessity. 

Don't worry! We are here to help you. :)

Please choose the location of your medical appointment:

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